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Garage door FAQs
進行一些車庫門故障排除可以大大維護門的結構和功能。盡管有些問題您可能無法自行進行維修,但仍有一些常見問題可以解決。 您越早發現并解決問題,以后所遭受的損失和費用就越少。
Some garage door troubleshooting can greatly maintain the structure and function of the door. Although you may not be able to repair some problems yourself, there are still some common problems that can be solved. The sooner you find and solve the problem, the less losses and expenses you will suffer in the future.
The garage door is noisy
Noisy garage doors can cause various problems, especially for those who work or rest near the garage door. Fortunately, most noisy garage doors can be repaired through routine maintenance and replacement of some parts. It is recommended to clean the lower roller and track with a brush, lubricate the roller strut and bearing, and tighten the screws and bolts of the support. If it cannot be solved by the above methods, the hinge of the door may need to be replaced. The rollers running on the metal track will also gradually wear out and make noise when their bearings stop rolling smoothly.
Garage door icing
On the cold days of the year, you need to enjoy the convenience brought by the rapid opening and closing of the garage door. Sadly, it is in the cold and humid days here that the garage door may freeze at the connection with the ground. Sometimes, when you press the open door button on the remote control, the connection between the two may be disconnected. If you press once and don't respond, don't try again. This may cause more serious damage to the garage door switch motor, including but not limited to gear falling off, broken torsion spring and burning out of the switch motor. Instead, you should try other ways to destroy the freezing at the connection between the garage door and the ground. For example, you can use a hot-air gun or hair dryer to melt ice and open the door. If you don't want to damage the bottom sealing strip, you can also shovel off the ice with a flat shovel or similar tools first. Once the door is opened, it is necessary to remove all the ice and snow on the garage door and the ground, and keep the area dry to prevent secondary icing.
Broken glass
Since most people have recreational activities in their yard, it is not surprising that they often encounter broken garage door glass. For whatever reason, it is important to repair the glass quickly, because there are hidden dangers in the broken glass in the garage, and all birds and insects nearby may enter the home. Fortunately, changing a piece of glass is not difficult. These techniques are exactly the same as changing the glass in a house window.
Torsion spring wear
The garage door is balanced by a tension or torsion spring connected to the cable and reel. These torsion springs provide the reaction force of the door weight, allowing the garage door to be lifted and closed with little force by hand or with the help of the opening and closing motor. But these torsion springs bear constant pressure and will wear. When the garage door motor opens slowly, or you begin to notice that it feels heavy when lifted by hand, the torsion spring is likely to be worn and needs to be replaced. Many homeowners leave the replacement of the garage door torsion spring to the maintenance personnel, because the torsion spring is under great pressure and may cause injury if it is replaced by itself.
Shabby garage door
If properly maintained, a garage door can be used for 30 years or more, but if ignored, they may be damaged within 5 or 10 years. At this time, there is no choice but to replace it. More likely, you choose to replace the garage door for aesthetic reasons - because you're just tired of its appearance and want to change the style. Buying a new garage door is not a particularly easy process, in part because we don't have much practical experience and don't have many information sources for reference. Follow us to see more articles.
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